Camp BTC 2020

Beyond the Classroom Summer Camp 2019

Our summer camp program welcomes students entering K – 6th grade.
  • Weekly Special Guest
  • Themed field trips
  • Pool/Beach
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Art and Science Projects

Weekly Tuition:

  • 4 to 5 days $ 330
  • 2 to 3 days $ 295

Explore, Discover and Connect this summer...

Join BTC this summer for field trips, special guests, and enriching activities.  Download our Beyond the Classroom Summer Camp 2020 flyer for more information.

Weekly Schedule

Week 1: 6/8-6/12
BTC Spy Camp (Math/Science)

  • Special Guest: Laser Tag Onsite
  • Tribe 2 - I-Fly / Tribe 1 - Sky Zone
  • Beach Field Trip: Annenburg Beach House

Train on-site and in the field tracking clues, solving daily missions, and learning evasion techniques. A week you don’t want to sneak out of!
Week 2: 6/15-6/19
BTC Sports Camp (Psychomotor)

  • Special Guest: Primetime Sports Camp
  • Field Trip: Tribe 2 & 1 - Sports Complex
  • Swimming Field Trip: SPHS Pool

Let’s play and offer kids a place to explore a variety of sports and the opportunity to have fun!
Week 3: 6/22-6/26
BTC School of Magic (Art/Science)

  • Special Guest: Maestro and Magic
  • Field Trip: Tribe 2 & 1 - Whimsic Alley
  • Swimming Fieldtrip: SPHS Pool

Abracadabra! Now you see it now you don’t! Tricks & magic delight during this marvelous week of magical acts! The BTC Jr. magicians will even amaze you with their own magical show!
Week 4: 6/29-7/3
BTC Surf Camp (Psychomotor)

  • Special Guest: Water Jumper
  • Field Trip: Tribe 2 &1 - Learn To Surf LA
  • Swimming Field Trip: SPHS Pool

Put on your wetsuit and get ready to hang ten as you learn water safety, balance, and proper form on the surfboard!
Week 5: 7/6-7/10
BTC Barn Yard & Horse Camp (Bioscience)

  • Special Guest: Mobile Zoo
  • Field Trip: Tribe 2 & 1 - Amy’s Farm
  • Swimming Field Trip: SPHS Pool

Experience barnyard animals on-site with live animals to pet, and take care of. Then experience this love in a real family working farm and learn how to milk their family cow!
Week 6: 7/13-7/17
BTC International Week (Sociology/Culture)

  • Special Guest: Junior Chef University
  • Field Trip: China town, and other ethnic restaurants in the LA area.
  • Beach Field Trip: Malibu Lagoon State Beach

Bonjour! Hola! We will celebrate cultural diversity and eat around the world as we taste various ways rice is cooked in different parts of the world.
Week 7: 7/20-7/24
BTC Theme Park (Physics)

  • Special Guest: Kidspace On The Road
  • Field Trip: Tribe 2 - Magic Mountain / Tribe 1 - Adventure City
  • Beach Field Trip: Leo Carrillo State Beach

Our junior physicists will explore the concept of force by creating ramps and structures, then continue their investigation on a roller coaster.
Week 8: 7/27-7/31
BTC Ecology Camp (Science)

  • Special Guest: Captain Carl
  • Field Trip: Tribe 2 - Snorkeling Lesson / Tribe 1 - Discover Cube’s Newport Ocean Quest
  • Beach Field Trip: Mother’s Beach

Our life enriching marine biology experience will cultivate a love and respect for the ocean, inspiring coastal conservation through safety, fun, and learning.
Week 9: 8/3-8/7
BTC Water Park (Science)

  • Special Guest: Discover Science Educator
  • Field Trip: Tribe 2 - Raging Waters / Tribe 1 - Splash
  • Beach Field Trip: Annenburg Beach House

Let’s continue the summer with a big ‘Splash’ and ‘Rage’ on to keep cool while having a blast!