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About the Program

1011809_389051671204819_1949567736_nBeyond The Classroom is an After School Enrichment Program designed to provide a safe, nurturing environment after school hours to school-aged children, K-5.  The space will give children a truly enriching experience as they will be given different opportunities to take part in several activities and classes that are increasingly left out of the normal school curriculum.  To complement the increasing emphasis on text-book based learning in schools, children at Beyond the Classroom will receive hands-on experience that is project-based and emergent in nature.  They will continue their journey in learning beyond the boundaries of the classroom and take field trips related to their projects.  Though homework is not the focus of the program, children will be given the appropriate time during the day to work on their homework.

66779_358472997596020_1281960196_nBeyond The Classroom will also provide a special place for families to grow.  Parents will have a space to discuss their children’s development as the program will provide monthly parent education meetings where they can discuss pertinent issues surrounding their children’s development.  Facilitated by a parent educator, parents will have the opportunity to ask questions and have conversations about topics such as setting limits, media and children, etc.

Beyond The Classroom is owned by two South Pasadena Moms who have children in the South Pasadena Unified School District.  These moms are former teachers and hold a Masters Degree in Education and in Human Development respectively.  Both have witnessed childhood development as it unfolds.  They know what is needed outside of schools to make for enriching childhood experiences.

Aside from our play-based environment, we cultivate children’s social, emotional development through implementing the Positivity Project. We are one out of a handful of after school programs in the country who work with the P2 project.

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What is P2?


Mission of the Program

  • To provide a “home away from home.” One that is safe, loving, and nurturing for children.
  • To provide children with an enriching environment that will foster a passion for learning.
  • To foster greater parental awareness of childhood development.
  • To help strengthen the community and build partnerships among its members.

Hours of Operation

Beyond The Classroom is a year- round program and will be open from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6:00pm.  It is also open during most school holidays and local school vacations, such as spring break, winter break and summer break.