Camp BTC 2021

About Camp Quaranteam at BTC…

Inspire and Connect

At Camp BTC, we invite our campers to be inspired by a weekly special guest.Then we give our campers the opportunity to connect and bring their imagination to life by offering related projects.

Water Play and Meaningful Onsite Activities

Basking in that summer camp feel, the smell of sunblock will permeate, as campers cool down in their own individual kiddie pool and play water games with their camp buddies. There will be various activities, games, and neighborhood scavenger hunts, that will foster connection, community, and friendship, and that will provide a chance for our campers to earn prizes and a weekly chance to pie their selected counselor!

Weekly Projects

Aside from making sure that all activities create a FUN atmosphere, there are various academic core standards that are unobtrusively injected into the program. Instead of giving the children written tests to assess their performance, we give Brain badges to campers who can remember facts and answer questions that relate to information presented throughout the week and by the special guest.  Literacy will also be nurtured at camp as we offer daily campfire stories to foster the love of reading.  Lastly, weekly projects are offered so campers can have a creative space to apply what they’ve learned.  Learning within context and learning with FUN are the most effective ways to nurture their love for learning and discovery.

Our summer camp program is about more than just plugging in related themed activities and projects, at Camp BTC, everything we do is connected to a bigger picture.  

Register Online!

Link to register in BTC Camp Quaranteam for the month of June

Link to register and pay for Professor Egghead’s Science Camp for July

Hi Parents, 

Looking for fun, safe, social interaction for your children this summer?  We understand COMPLETELY! At BTC’s Camp Quaranteam our campers will experience all the fun of summer while still keeping safe. 

At Camp Quaranteam, our counselors are all fully vaccinated. We will keep our campers in stable teams with the same counselors outdoors as much as possible (we plan to run two pods with two TEAMS each, and a small camper to counselor ratio of 1:7!).  Following all CDC guidelines has helped us to be open successfully and safely for almost a year, so we feel confident to say that we know how to navigate this new normal.

I am looking forward to seeing you and our campers this summer!

Samantha (aka Jujubee)

Weekly Schedule

Week 1: 6/7-6/11

Our campers will have the space to nurture their visual and performing creativity through the art of puppetry and other forms of art! One of Bob Baker’s highly trained puppeteers will begin the week with an outdoor puppet show.
Special Guest: Bob Baker Marionette Theater
Week 2: 6/14-6/18

Step right up and see our camp transform into a carnival! With a variety of traditional carnival events, we hope
to inspire our campers to create their own games and entertainment. Surprise carnival games onsite!
Week 3: 6/21-6/25

They are not furry and soft cuddly animals but they areimportant creatures that make up the animal kingdom. Our campers will develop a greater awareness and appreciation of reptiles, while replacing fallacy with fact, and fear with understanding. A deeper respect for animals will surely develop by the end of the week.
Special Guest: Thors Reptile Family
Week 4: 6/28-7/2

Bonjour! Hola! We will celebrate cultural diversity and eat around the world as we learn to make and taste simple dishes from various parts of the world.
Special Guest: Junior Chef University
Week 5: 7/5-7/9

Lace up your boots, grab a compass, and buckle up for a week of awesome adventure science with Professor Egghead! All week at camp, Eggheads will learn what it means to be Extreme Explorers as they dig for fossils, make tar pits that bubble, clean up oil spills, race magnetic bumper cars, and make snow! Each day at camp, Eggheads will take home their experiments, and by the end they’ll be true Extreme Explorers. Caution: Fun Guaranteed!
Week 6: 7/12-7/16

There’s a mystery to solve! Someone has broken into the Academy, and we need a few good detectives to help track them down! Campers will become super sleuths as they use science to solve all types of mysteries while trying to crack the case. They’ll test fiber samples and dust for fingerprints, analyze some blood samples (fake of course) and experience all types of awesome science demonstrations by their Professor. By the end of the week, campers will become real super sleuths!
Week 7: 7/19-7/23

Get ready to strap in and blast off with Professor Egghead Science Academy at ROCKET CAMP! Every day brings a new challenge as we discover the science behind rockets, planes, and everything else
soaring through the sky. Eggheads will create, build, and test different types of flying machines like helicopters, rockets, and planes. From bottle rockets soaring through the air, parachutes safely floating back to earth, and chemical reactions displaying how these awesome machines
work. At the end of the week, campers will earn their wings, and graduate from Egghead Rocket Camp, ready to take to the skies!
Week 8: 7/26-7/30

Think you’ve got what it takes to be an Egghead Machine Engineer?! Using LEGOTM, students will design and build real mega machines like spinning windmills, lifting cranes, elevators, cars, and way more. All week we’ll be using wheels, bands, gears, pulleys, and tons of other cool specialty Lego pieces to build our Machines, and then after the building phase is complete we’ll put them to the test. That means we’ll try to break ‘em, blow them over, and put weight on them. If you pass the test, you pass the challenge! By the end of the week, campers will become real LEGO Engineering Masters!